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Re: Dhio dead by Arawn Resurgence

indeed a great day, we killed the blue meanie... but not before killing us over and over.... https://i.postimg.cc/jdtQkTkc/76925-A98-3-B0-E-4325-8-B5-E-0-CF5-F301411-A.jpg op much? OMG is that over half a million damage or is that something else that is dmg... though not sure if a nuke went or not,...

Re: Server Restart - 30 Mins - Pre-Winter Client Update - Android / iOS

Muldar, Can you give the version number for the new client? downloaded update twice... tells me i need to update... Japan store listing v2.53 Should be V 2.53, be sure to restart your device to flush any cached data. Had restarted, downloading again...noticed the description has changed in the app ...

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