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Another server did this and it ended up being really useful. This is a topic meant to help people find what they are looking for. Suggested format : Username : x buying/selling item : X Price : X gold Sold/Bought by : X I know you won't have a Sold/Bought by right away I just hope you edit it in eve...

Re: Global Tavern

Don't know why you all started talking about a global auction house here instead of the topic named, "Global Auction House." Anyways the topic came up almost at the same time the Global Tavern did. So, I have done a lot of debating on this topic and just recently decided to stop. Here is w...

Re: Global Auction House

Okay, everyone keep your cool. It is literally just an idea. I feel like this topic has made me more toxic and the community. So, I am no longer going to be posting on this topic. Since I am leaving, here are my closing arguments. First: I feel like this idea would start off benefiting the small ser...

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