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Why Mages are Druids, Fire Mages are Better and How to Use Illegal Skills

The life of a mage suppostaly starts when u press the button mage, and u think u are a mage now no? Boom u did a big mistake becuase mages doesnt exists, the big true is that u are a druid with damage. Why u are a druid? I know this can looks weird but mage is only a word, the fact is that u a druid...

Re: Best server for a beginner?

Hello guys! I decided to come back to this amazing game after many years (4-5 maybe). I was wondering which should be the best server to start a new character because i completly forgot the login of my old account; im looking for a friendly server with other new players to share this adventure with...

Re: Is this bugged? Didn’t want to but in bug reports until had more feedback.

I tested and now its confirmed, fire or ice magic ability dont increase the chance to hit, i discovered too that this give more damage to spells that i thinked, my 700 fire magic ring for some reason is more efficient than my 120 focus ring I have found fire magic seems to give higher hits than foc...

Re: Lets make Epona 2

Gabee wrote:Those who wants to have competition and earn their drops thru hard work, go Dom servers plenty to choose from.
Those doesn’t , don’t go Epona, go somewhere else, server is already full and laggy.

Finally someone with a productive reply. U deserve a medal. :!:

Re: CH future?

I'm pretty new and really enjoy the game but as I read many of your posts here, I am scared to spend money because many of you make it sound like this game is pretty much over. As veterans you should be promoting instead of tearing it down. I would love to buy chests, but is there a point? Where is...

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