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Re: Best Pickup Lines -

Mini Game :D Prizes up for grabs :P! 1st place:- 300k // 20 Hastes // 10 combos 2nd place: 100k // 10 hastes // 5 combos 3rd place: 50k // 5 hastes// 2 combos // 5 super knows. (NB: if there are less players for the event ill just do top 2 or even just 1st place) All you gotta do is send your best ...

Re: Main Quest Stuck

There is a vendor in castle right at the back that sells ranger skill books, I'm not sure if rapid shot is in there but if it is buy it, otherwise try to retrace your steps, there must be a part in the quests that you haven't don't yet and that's why you haven't got the skill, if you have done these...

Re: VR, We Really Do Need Answers

They need to shift they butts into gear and answer and implement player feedback, what's the point in playing the game at the end if we don't know or if the game has no direction... The fashion was a joke scioth fashion that is Come up with something better that people want to wear More areas and bo...

Re: Next Update

Something like mini quests, like dungeons where you can just kill new mobs with a team More clab interfaces such as an intergrated clab bank system and stuff, maybe give clan levels they can acheive that rises through killing any boss(more per boss) which could give maybe 1% xp boost to all players ...

Re: screenshot time

Skerwald wrote:
Legolas1234 wrote:
paggasquid wrote:you look like a noob

You are a noob soooo :lol:

Your signature is wrong... valar dohaeris

The only thing i done wrong is Valar, Valar Morghulis is all men must die and valar dohaeris is the accompanying gretting meaning all men must serve....

Re: Looking for some Spice in your Life? 60 Chest Give Away News

Thank you for 200 subs! As promised the usual chest give away will commence in the next video however this one will have more winners! Difinitus pmed me on forums offering 50 chests to the next give away! Im excited and think they are best given away to 6 winners including my 10 chests for a total ...

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