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Re: Hello Epona people!

Welcome to Epona and the forums! You will be glad to know the game isn't dead, it may be less busy than it has been but updates are still being developed and new bosses added so all is good. No one really hangs out in the starter areas so they will always be pretty empty and the game/overall populat...

Re: New skills + buffs

For mage maybe like a rune you can put down that gives effects to players within the radius, like increased damage, or in-combat health regen, or armor. Would be interesting to see something like that utilized at bosses. Noooo please don't make mages any more of a support class... more damage, less...

Re: New clan on Gwydion

Yeah boys get off our thread! :D ;) For reals though, if anyone is lurking in the forum's being like mm maybe I'm a little bit bored of my server, wonder what's up in Gwyd... You are totally welcome to get in touch, can tell you all about Divergent... or Relentless if you're that way inclined :shock:

Re: Comp servers

From my experience every server is about equal in terms of the attitude of the overall player base and their attitudes towards gear etc, there are some bad eggs but mainly good people, not saying that people go out of their way to help someone out but overall they don't scam/stash gear too much. It ...

Re: Comp servers

Do any other servers have a dominant clan that has a means for smaller clans to enter into alliance to earn and spend DKP? Relentless does that, but reserves DG gearing to their members alone. It’s had its trials and tribulations, but seemed to be pretty healthy. Unfortunately, even with that inclu...

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