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Re: Witch Dead

All eg / dl / edl reduced spawns would be good idea for low and high bossing clans longer double plat weekend for everyone as it’s amazing or longer gold/xp weekend would be nice for everyone

Re: Witch Dead

I don't know how the participation drops are going to work but I had to switch toons to avoid the AOEs from pets/casters .. hope that still counts ._. I think you, and others, are misunderstanding what was meant when VR said everyone would be compensated. Difinitus said in-game they would "loo...

Re: Witch Dead

mckenna wrote:Ok
-remove the pvp element
-change the loot drop system. There is nothing fair in wasting 30min running back and forth from the ley and then dont get anything. Be more Generous.

1 drop per each server at least!


Re: Witch Dead

Yes post the 3 drops that went to 1 person and no one else lol and why add a boss into arena with pvp In first place what a bad idea you had so many griefing constantly, shame tho they sucked at it and failed to reset the boss :)

Re: Witch Dead

Well then there should be restrictions 1 person out of 350 can’t be rewarded whilst the other 300 people who lixed gain nothing from it just a wasted 2 hours and missing loads of dues like 215 210 180 etc and maybe some eg (if spawned early) skain was up in a world idk which but maybe they missed it...

Re: Witch Dead

It’s a waste of time and resources for the people who lixed and spent over an hour in there with no reward at all when it goes to only 1 person

Re: New event

Don’t understand why they keep adding this event? Yeah it’s kinda cool with mordy spawning every 6 hours but floor bosses spawning around it too? May aswell leave them up whole event imo lol, where’s the all eg reduction event hasn’t happened for over a year now

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