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Re: Hii Everyone

Hehe, and you think you have energy issues around level 30? Just wait. BTW what class are you playing? (sorry if you already posted and I missed) Funny thing so far I've found the playing a mage I have the least amount of energy issues. It takes a while to get down to minimum energy and then I don'...

Re: Hii Everyone

Hey, welcome to the game. Hope your having fun. I just wanted to add some stuff about epona to bobs server run down as I have been playing there now in case it's helpful for people to have a slightly better idea about the server. As bob said, there are no boss lock battles as everyone is grouped or...

Re: Hii Everyone

I felt the same way the first town only have 5-8 people only when i was there for 30min Are you talking about the lovely Farcrag Castle? Or the vacation spot of Highshore Village, out in the fields and main map of Lirs Reach. The castle is where most people tend to hang out when they aren't at boss...

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