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Re: Please reconsider Daily Rewards distribution - bring back Hunters Tokens

To answer a question from the OP, I appreciate the whistles. Since the devs decided to make spirit mounts take a bajillion tokens, name them after things immortal, and still have them die just like all the much less expensive mounts, the whistles are useful. I don't get enough that I could count on ...

Re: Thanks for the event!

They're delaying handsdown. I always wondered if it was OTM, how much progress would've been made already. Muldar mentioned they were working on a clan bank system(maybe VR can pick this up), and maybe a new area by now!!! To be fair though, you can't really compare the two. OTM's job was to improv...

Why can't we trade?

I was looking through my bank inventory and realized I have so many lixs and tokens received from daily logins going to waste, when I would actually use them on my other toons if that was an option. Couldn't those be tradable just within the same account? I understand why they shouldn't be sold or t...

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