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Re: Moving server

I highly recommend you to join Fingal. Dom clan is Whykicamoocow, they are insanely active, ( they even kill Skath ), they have some really fair gearing system, as well for standard jewellery than for DG. Anyone can get DG not just the generals, it is in no way favouritism as the current system is a...

Re: New item drop locations

-MF- wrote:I got an apostate yesterday - yes they still exist!
Unfortunately I didn't see the kill though since I was afk farming with just auto attack on and randomly found it in my inventory later.
Seems like it's easy to kill.

did you got it from a wizard or from a guardian?

Volts at BT

On our last two attempts we got 3 and 4 volts roots at BT, is it normal ? It's the first time in a very long time we had as many volts on two BT in a row. Anyone is experiencing something similar ?

Re: Bring old Mounts back?

-1 Everytime one of these threads come up I always give the same answer. Bringing stuff back will not solve the root issue and only causes problems for some people for no reason. The main problem is the newer mounts not being as memorable or unique as the older mounts, so it would be much simpler a...

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