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Re: Solo Class

My main reason for the thread was which classes can solo the biggest and baddest mobs that are able to be soloed, I should have been more specific. Thank you for all the replies on which classes solo the best. Leveling speed is no problem for me though. I don’t care how long it takes to get to end g...

Weapon Skills

I am currently level 24 with an axe skill of 130/240. It is nearly impossible to keep my weapon skill at max as I level way faster than skill increases come. What is the max cap for weapons, at this rate I don't think I'll ever be able to skill up another weapon.

Re: Solo Class

Does Epona have a built in special rule set or community made? Everywhere I read it says Tanaris is the go to server for population and economy, but after reading the Epona board the rules seem better. Is the economy there just as good?

Re: Solo Class

When you guys say mages are good, I’m planning on no plat and no raid gear since I’m only going to solo, only what I can farm or buy with gold. Are mages still good for that play style? I just want to solo named mobs without paying tons of money to become a god.

Solo Class

Looking for a class that suits my play style the best. Completely casual, maybe an hour or two a night if I get the chance. Don't plan on raiding or spending plat. Not looking to speed level, but want to be able to solo without struggling. I want to be able to solo the hardest mobs possible without ...

App Not Available

The app seems to have disappeared from the USA app store for IOS. When searching directly through the app store the game does not show up and when clicking the link on the main website that brings you to the app store this message appears, "App Not Available, this app is currently not available...

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