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Re: Open beta

Curry30423 wrote:But we is on android :c im waiting desperately for android open beta.

Otm said they were aiming for sometime next week, for android

Don't leave us hanging OTM

Alright, so you've told us double plat will be announced 3 days prior to the sale. Does this mean we're actually going to have dbl plat this year? Reason I'm asking is because I haven't heard anything about the small birthday event that we always have. And it usually is announced by now. I'm not ask...

Re: Birthday Event

Double platinum has been on the same dates since 2012 or 2011. I don't believe they change anything The summer double platinum has not been on the same dates each year http://www.celticheroes.info/2014/05/double-plat-dates.html It's close, but it has never been the same dates.* *black friday double...

Birthday Event

Hey OTM, can I get a confirmation, on whether we will or will not be having the 3rd anniversary event this year, and if so will it have the dbl xp, wisdom, and plat weekends? Also, an estimated time on when it's would be released, thanks!! :)

Primal blade

Selling for roughly 275k I don't have much use for it anymore. It's a great weapon. Pm me in game. I'm sure most of you know me but if not. I'm SkaterGirl. Have fun:)

Re: Cartoons and Anime!

Really... Nothing about Soul Eater?
Souls Eater has a fantastic back story! Should really check it out:) keeps me on the edge of my seat.
Also sword art online is a good show. That is if you like a mix between anime and MMORPGs :)

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