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Re: EDL Drops Buff

It is true that for non plat buyer it is harder to level, advance in game simply because you have less money than others but there are many ways to make money by collecting cooking ingredients/fishing/trading or simply bossing that your arguments become invalid. Also as a "solo" player it...

Re: EDL Drops Buff

Tbh Jon in the time you have spent whinging about this you could have leveled up a toon on epona, you could have probably transferred your gold and gear as well. Clans kill bosses because they recruit and need the gear not out of some meanness to stop you. My advice transfer your gold and gear and ...

Re: EDL Drops Buff

The solution to my problem is SERVER TRANSFER or SERVER DONN CHANGE FROM DOM TO A FREE SERVER. If i can transfer my Blinkdagger lvl 194 rogue to Epona a free server, i can complete frozen armor set. I just buy frozen drops at auction house. This way its not hard to complete frozen, dl or any armor s...

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