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Re: Epona’s system origins

The clan Evil Clowns was accused of trying to go dom I think because I heard somewhere that they don’t allow their clan members to sell drops and instead tell them to put into a clan bank... ruining the idea of a free server. That and I heard they would do some shady stuff with bosses. Idk, just th...

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

While playing CH I got word that one of my clanmates couldn't get to roll on a drop after a boss fight because he didn’t have a good enough Misc item. This wasn’t an isolated incident as apperently he has been denied this privilege before multiple times. Just wanted to know the logic or justificati...

Colour differences

Why are there 2 different 'versions' or shades of the colour blue and green etc. Blue wild doesn't rlly match with blue barding, yellow coven hat doesn't fit with most yellow fish. If the colour is the same in name, why not in shade, a nuisance that needs to be fixed imo.

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