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Colour differences

Why are there 2 different 'versions' or shades of the colour blue and green etc. Blue wild doesn't rlly match with blue barding, yellow coven hat doesn't fit with most yellow fish. If the colour is the same in name, why not in shade, a nuisance that needs to be fixed imo.

Re: That Epona Drama

Think of Epona as a big dom server that just has different name tags above peoples heads because they dont like eachother and can’t get along and dont want to be in the same private chat groups as eachother. Makes it easier. Think of being blacklisted as “Not in the giant dom clan” and anyone out i...

Re: End of a free server?

Epona is slowly going to a dominant server with the clan evil clown slowly changing rules. Without any consequences. There members come late to a boss and try to say they weren’t late and when you do say something the whole clan rages at you. They say got to go then roll and run to another boss whi...

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