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Re: Who remembers

Gotta say 2013 was my favorite year. i loved the Yule wings. also the sanghal event was also cool af, first time we got horses. idk if Shanghal was in 2k13 or 2k14, but those years were nicest

Re: Update

this, i miss the yule, beltane, samhain etc events years ago, we got alot of fun stuff, such as event bosses, jewellery, mounts. Now its just pure garbage.

Re: July update

You guys need to chill, still one day and some hours left, it's not like the update is gonna make any big changes, all we're getting is a new pet with a knife (not that it does any auto attack), another load of aeon remade fash and a shortcut to carrow tunnels. Honestly no point in dragging Vr over...

Shops and chests.

Why doesn't celtic heroes sell us packs, with different kinds of mounts, fashion, animals etc, just like most games? https://trove.fandom.com/wiki/Hearty_Party_Pack_1 Example trove game sells alot of different kinds of packs with different mounts etc. With this we don't have to gamble with annoying ...

Re: Premium pet token vendor

Except this time you always win something so technically no. yeah, we win orange fashion tokens and Travelling Elixers. Still won it tho useless garbage, they just need to sell with platinum or real money, fashion packs, mounts etc. Just like most games. So none needs to gamble. Its forbidden in my...

Re: Premium pet token vendor

The chests in this game is gambling, usually illegal in countries until your about 20 years old. Just like gambling is a bad idea so is buying chests unless your willing to throw your money away without getting much in return. Except this time you always win something so technically no. yeah, we wi...

Arena bugg?

Hello, few hours ago, a girl couldn't be attacked, i tried to, everyone tried i guess since they were jumping each other. But she couldn't be touched. I asked her and she said that she didn't know how, she just logged into the game and then it happened. So it was a glitch or bugg. Later on, none cou...

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