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Re: Is this bugged? Didn’t want to but in bug reports until had more feedback.

Hi I have been using this for the past couple of weeks, previously just using Aggy pierce ring to get my 50/45 pierce lure. Of course lure miss sometimes mostly at Prot grrrr, however since using this new brace my pierce is missing a lot almost 50% were as before maybe miss 3-5%. I was wondering if...

Re: Case of missing lure spells

ryandragon wrote:Does anyone else have a problem with their lures missing 7 out of 10 times even with over 1500 spell ability above mob level?

Not talking about bosses. Even one star mobs seem immune to lures these days.

Sadly ice and fire ability does not affect your chances to hit lures.

Re: Intro

SanguineParadise wrote:Hello, I’m SanguineParadise, but I have no toon by that name :)

Veteran CH player, nice to meet you all

Aye Uzi

Re: Exp/gold event this weekend

Where’s the love for singles? ,_, Lol but seriously, finding a lixing partner who can lix with you for significant periods of time let alone finding someone the same level as you who can log at the same time you can isn’t exactly the easiest task on an inactive server ._. (Plus solo lixing is just ...

Re: Are there any mages out there that don’t use a Rabbit/Hare

I have not seen any way close to 1k dif from my game.. when debuff was on "dragon is only really better if you consistently have enough phoenixes to keep the skill up full time" and why would i need that doki debuff when i have my own lure? Yes i ment the the dmg done by the pet itself is...

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