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Re: Updates Information

Of course things are always subject to change but a mild dairy would be great to be honest. I know it is hard to tie people down and if you say one thing and it’s late everyone jumps so hard. However trickles of information keep people sane :) https://i.postimg.cc/G3yjvwcN/1i3sh1.jpg

Re: Do you feel like you're completely retarded? I'll help you!

Eragon123 wrote:It's always a good idea to double check all trades and purchases...obviously not just between players! ;)

OR you could just buy a properly working brain without faulty attention system. Thanks for reassuring me, Eragon. I will anxiously await a response from Support team.

Do you feel like you're completely retarded? I'll help you!

How? Well, my friend, let me tell you a short story about a man so retarded and clumsy that he may as well become renowned and hailed for it! Read well, friend, this is a tale of the Stamp Man! That day at the auction house Stamp Man was feeling mentally fatigued. He was switching back and forth bet...

Re: Any Russian players here?

Все верно, на Балоре в VODKA только русскоговорящие игроки, от хаев до новичков. Также есть несколько человек в старом клане Pycckue. И в других, иностранных, кланах тоже есть русские игроки О, неужели. Слушай, не в службу, а в дружбу: не мог бы ты провести своего рода опрос у своих согильдийцев по...

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