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Re: Totem,Staff, or Cane of Bats

First off, it's really only between Frozen totem and the Diamond Icon. The grand cane of bats is just for looks. For DPS: Frozen Totem is only good for DPS because of the proc on bosses, but most druids are either mostly support or full support on those. Diamond Icon hits better all around, as well ...

Re: Herne legends- just for fun

saxo but everyone of those people except BZ still play... not many people remember me because i never talked and was a noob but i played since 2 months before the hollowed event lol people don't count me for unfathomable btw i leveled with BZ in the 40s :D

Herne legends- just for fun

Hey guys i was thinking it would be fun to know a little more about people and what they think, so lets talk about people that are legends on herne:
Sila is definatly a legend, man that guy was crazy good.
what do you guys think?

Re: Group DPS and KSing?

i am asking this question because i have seen some amazing KSing happen in Herne where i believe completely that my group will get the kill and someone comes along and completely owns the boss with their group and they get the kill even though they started after us... i was also really wondering is ...

Group DPS and KSing?

hello everyone i don't know if anyone knows the answer to my question because i have gotten various different answers. the question is....how does DPS and group DPS and using work? I've always been wondering because iv seen evenly matched groups KS each other and iv seen just 1 person out DPS an who...

Re: Orb or Book?

What i did arind that level was put myself just how i am now. Complete heal. I realized that to gain levels the best xp is by being in a group and healing group members while everyones on pot at dragonthalls because the fire nesses up my meditate. But group heal is exrenly usefull so i suggest that ...

Re: Orb or Book?

I have also been troubled with this question. Ive thought alot about both and decided to go with the masters book (100 focus) in my opinion its completly about your level and build. First off if you are a big time plat spender than the book is definatly what you need because its easier to buy quite ...

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