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Re: Net Worth Count 2019(Furyion)

Spoof.... only thing worth a lot of gold on Lugh is raid gear. Good raid gear... not average stuff like you have. Theres a competition clan who would pay top dollar for top raid gear to help them progress into competing in lock battles It’s facts that top raid gear is unavailable to you, so why lie?...

Re: Global Auction House

I’ve been kinda on the fence with this but overall I’d be a +1. I love my server but I have to admit the AH is shocking and non plat buyers not in the dom clan are getting ripped off. I don’t know if others servers have similar characters but in Lugh there’s a player with vast amounts of gold who mo...

Re: Recruiting for Clan Forever Rosmerta - Double plat weekend, Xp Event.

swisscheese88 wrote:Nice... I am already good at Morrigan and glad to hear that Rosmerta is doing well and friendly with newbies!
I will drop $3,000 on this game this weekend. VR must maintain this game because I am lovin' it!

Cheers to Rosmerta!

Weird flex but ok

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