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Can we get some winter wings please? We haven’t had wings in ages and we are due for some Christmas event ones! Please consider this! Thank you.

Happy thanksgiving

I’m from Australia so I don’t celebrate this here, but I have celebrated it as part of Celtic Heroes for years hahaha. So happy thanksgiving to all my fellow celtic players. Have an amazing day wherever you are and enjoy some good food, drinks, people and of course Celtic Heroes and double plat! -Ku...

Re: Post Xp Event

I love this positive feedback because I agree 100% and we do need this event more often. I had so much fun and it’s been a while since I’ve played that long with friends on celtic if I’m honest. Let’s get these events like every 2-3 months.


Can we get a sneaky little discount price on double plat as well? Just like one time only? We don’t get many sales in Celtic Heroes or updates (hehe) it would be nice to have a weekend fully dedicated to opening my wallet and buying cheaper double plat and playing Celtic Heroes ALL weekend. Love fro...

The future of Celtic Heroes

Dear VR I just want to say as a dedicated player since 2012, thank you for keeping Celtic Heroes in your plans for the future to come. It really means a lot because games like this don’t normally last this long. Please look after the game it’s got a special place in my life as well as many others. I...

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