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Re: New quest idea

Could also bring this sort of style in for event quests as well as just everyday questing. And I’d like to see exp event back with this style of questing too. All we want is the fun back into celtic it’s getting repetitive and so so boring. But I still have a soft spot for this damn game

New quest idea

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kind of bored and sick of the same old respetitve quests. So i had an fix for that and I wanted opinions. Why not make some quests with different scenarios/ or different choices on how to do that quest. For example: You have a quest and the reward is gold and exp...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Could we please have any new fashion coming be available at the token vendor? You keep adding it to chests. I get tons of fashion tokens in my chests but no new fashion available at the token vendor. If you're not going to utilize the token vendor anymore, stop giving me fashion tokens. :evil: +1 i...

Re: Xfer Balor-Morrigan


Will accept 8m gold or 300 chests in Morrigan for the stated items in main post. Items worth in Balor listed is still accurate I’m just changing what i’ll accept for them. Peace all :)

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