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Re: Wyverns in pit

Although i cant solo wyvens anymore, i think its rather good that i can start grp lvling again and at the same time get good exp. U guys put a mage in every space that used to be a rest spot tho heh

P.s. anyone checked if only kins spawn at the back?

Re: Like!

Well double plat does induce players to be potential first time buyers (ahem me) so i dont mind..so i guess rewarding people who pay to keep the game going for everyone once in awhile is not a bad thing. Im sure double events will pop up here and there throughout the game and updates but i do not lo...

Re: Can we get a confirmation on double plat on black friday

I continue to think that the people at OTM would make decent politicians. With the exception of when an Update or Event will be released, they are always careful with their wording. There will be "something for Black Friday" does not necessarily mean double plat. :ugeek: Which is why in n...

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