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Re: Xfer to Sulis

Shivahh wrote:
Majestica wrote:6m gold and stormcaller ammy transfer to sulis. will take plat items or gold.


shivvv noob come back to sulis

Re: Xp event extension

I personally feel like we have been asking for a lot lately from VR, but this is the sad truth. Been fairly busy Christmas and Christmas Eve and would've much rather had it start after. Double plat though has definitely had its time up now and should be put down now until the next annual reoccurance...

Re: Phoenix upgrade sys

Yes, that was correct! After I had updated I had received the refund so thank you for that. Is there anything that I can do to assist, I've been using the support button in-game and every time after I create the ticket and submit it says that the Request was received. I really hope that tickets aren...

Re: Phoenix upgrade sys

I've already made a support ticket for this on my toon. Thank you Majestica - Sulis This is the exact way to get this resolved! Our support team will respond and fix the error as soon as they can. Its been two full weeks and ive already heard of people that have created tickets after me and recieve...

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