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Re: Warhammer

I hope Warhammer will get better design decisions, as CH game design is perfectly bad. Eg bosses have to be camped literally for days. Unbalanced raids and lock battles. Poor drop rates. On Taranis I'm aware of one royal havoc, no imp or godly. You could play for years and won't be rewarded with top...

Re: Need help from Veteran Warriors and Jewerly Ecperts!!!

Bracelets: 1. Hrung heat dmg/melee combat/attack 2. Necro dbl att recast (pummel is more energy costly and misses too often) 3. Frostiron bracelet of might - str, att, rupture skill Rings: 1. Necro fate (str, dex, axe skill) 2. Hrung damage (any but poison, leave poison for tunnels) 3. Shop valour -...

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