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Re: Pureness

As somebody who is in the "smaller clan," facing the dominant clan which can kill base in 5/6 minutes with their doch and bt gear is rediculous. We can kill gele, but dom clan camps it to prevent us from getting anything more than one kill. Bt is not available due to our lack of numbers. W...

Re: New item drop locations

Anyone have any confirmation that the 300 dmg/stat braces drop from any mage? Rumor is that the elemental dmg brace drops from the one-mob corner and the physical dmg from the 2-mob corner. Any other information on this? I know a guy whose been farming the spot opposite of the 2 corner for hours. H...

Re: New item drop locations

Jake wrote: Dequon wrote: Do we have anymore information about the brace from alchemical? I saw that in the post it said a 196 mob but was also quoted for a 195 mob I think any wizard in that loop around the 195 room has a chance to spawn it. The only 196/5 mob I found in alchemical is the floor bo...

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