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Re: Pureness

Its a shame the same people who ruin other groups do the same here. Criminal just likes the attention , it pains me to even write his name. His feet are always wet due to the amount of dribble coming out of its cakehole. I now agree mixing EDL and Pureness may not work. I also agree DG is the ultima...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

I still have not heard any form of constructive criticism, but only a disregard of a know opponent from the same server. Maybe it isnt right conflicting edl to DG Please answer this. If you start playing tommorow and get leveled up to 220. But you cannot get into the only clan on server that can kil...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

So all those players who have edl but are not in the big clan. Who have zero chance of progressing unless they join the big clan , what do they do now? How can they get the next set of armor? They dont and they quit the game or move servers. This just isnt balanced most endgame toons hve had 1000s o...

Re: Pureness to drop from tower bosses

Thank you for you opinion crim.

Its only natural you want to sit on your egg and ward off any potential threat. This isnt a threat to you or your clan but will create a more competitive environment. I maybe wrong but just want to know what people think.



So what are your guys thoughts about Pureness being more obtainable? It would get people logging again. It should allow smaller clans to compete and also encourage growth on servers where 1 clan is now deemed uncatchable. Players most of the time crave the best gear and weapons , when they reach the...

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