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Urban the Wretched

Does anyone know if he was removed from game? His old spawn point is different and he's nowhere to be seen. Couldn't find anything out through searching on here. I haven't played in a while, many things have changed.

Re: Interruption of Skills

I wonder if VR is even aware of this. A good argument can be made they're out of touch enough to not even really know about this issue. Or maybe it's as it was intended by OTM. Still holding out for a reply from a red name. Honestly right now it sounds like players are just working around a design f...

Interruption of Skills

So I've been leveling my first druid and he's nearly to 100 now. And I'm already frustrated with the constant inturruptions of casting skills. 3 out 5 skills I use have to be cast 2 or 3 times for them to go through. If you get 2 or more mobs on you, forget about casting said skills and wait for sti...

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