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Not sure if this has happened to others but I killed a 6* boss in stonevale and typically bosses drop 3 drops but this one only dropped a single drop but it was a 6* but it also died a lot faster than a typical 6* . Yes I made sure it was not like those other versions it was a normal 6* hog . Not su...

Re: New item drop locations

Is there anyway we can get some hints for this item or better versions of it? I’ve spoken to numerous people and farmed just about everywhere and have no idea ... some hints would be lovely ! :) https://i.postimg.cc/KzNctLpY/1-F799-C1-B-2896-4-B65-933-A-EEB16946678-A.jpg Best guess I have for an ex...


Can I please have someone from VR message me ASAP. Thank you. Btw 11 theres nothing VR will be able to do about the items if you were wanting to get them back from the player in question, but if you were just wanting to send info to VR to get the player banned then follow as the above said^^ use th...

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