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Re: Lughs future discussion

Lol, we've tried making peace with Alliance on multiple occasions, I offered them rolling on bosses we lock as long as they help in the SLIGHTEST hope that we can get along and when I brought that proposal to their leader, I got ignored, so i spoke to a gen, and he straight up said no, they are a ve...

Re: Tzunami

Ok so basically you're whole argument is based on a very loosely put together excuse that you've "changed." If you did change, however, why are you bickering with others on a post that is meant to unban you? Wouldn't you want to gain respect, not adversity? I would suggest being kinder, es...

Re: Tzunami

I am laughing so hard right now. Why do you think he's coming back to Lugh if he was established in Rhiannon? He most likely got into trouble there as well..
.... his tendencies do not lead to anything positive, and he didn't live up to a promise of paying me for all of my party crowns (200+). -1.

A rant

Idek why OTM must do this. First they conshentrate on new update and while I wait for dat i tell every ba d sheltic heroes is good and even my son ShakalakaMohammidAli (very good boi and bung chung master) plays and he realised dat dish game is pay to wine and i had an epiphifomy or sumting and I do...

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