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Re: Post Xp Event

Agreed thank you for the event. We had people encouraging each other on, Helping each other, and having a good time celebrating a couple of returning players. Events definitely change it up and Provide some more growth. So thanks again!

Re: Question to VR..

They have appeals in. We are just hoping for the best at this point. Characters you have played with for months and then vanished is a hard pill to swallow for all clans. And the loss of XP weekend etc. Wish the company had a character in game to see how many truly great players have left. Second ch...

Re: Question to VR..

Yes. Many don’t read the forums and some are 12 years old etc. Some have never played a game like this before and not aware of any rules per se. all I know is when I go online on Nuada the player base is gone. I don’t see the same people I saw for the past year. All the legitimate money they spent i...

Re: Double plat

Nope. Most of us feel bad for our clannies. Many whom have spent many dollars on this game. We have just lost our heart to play. Mistakes were made. Yes. But our server is ruined. VR why can’t you help us out.

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