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Cooking books question

I'm trying to find out a few things with cooking but cant seem to find a person that knows. My questions are, the cooking ingrediants oriental spices, what recipe are they for?? Also the cooking boss books, how hard are they level wise and are the books tradeable or no trade? Since I'd love to buy t...


I'm a warrior level 126 and I would like to know if you have any jewelry or weapons or anyting else like rare event stuff that you'd be willing to make a deal a trade please list off some of the items you have thank you

Re: Warrior Build help

I forgot to ask, I've seen posts about not going over 300 Str because the dps value per str point over 300 is way lower. Is this still the case? And if not how high would you take your str before you put more into vit?

Warrior Build help

So I'm Level 113 currently, but I'd like to know if my gear needs changing or in time and gold replacing. I normally wear the shadow Spirt armor since it gives me more stt over normal astral since i now have the frozen astral guantlets. I also need to know whats better, rings with +4 or 5 to skills ...

Re: Log in issues

Glad it wasn't something I did, as I just came to check if others were having the same issues. I would like to thank the fast response, given the thai new year. I do hope they will be up before Thursday, but things happen. Thanks for letting us know your on it!

Warrior weapon question

So I've been wondering for a while now to get a better weapon. Currently I'm level 95 and use the green 2h askers sword I think its called. But I'm looking for any boss that would possibly drop a weappn for my lvl area. I would appreciate any help These are my options right now I have in my bank to ...

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