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Re: Double plat

Yep. True. We shall see when the dust settles. For now we have moved on to other things. Which is what happens when you get a way from a game you played daily. Which is in fact the danger to long absences.

Re: Double plat

For those of use going to buy platinum before the weekend ended, some of us chose not to as we were not sure of the state of Nuada after the fallout. I am not sure how much of a clan I will be going back to, so it made no sense to purchase any as I don’t want to continue playing game without my clan...

Re: Update ETA Nuada

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect any game to ensure that it quickly gives the players updates regarding issues that occur. Especially a game that is not active for more than a day. This is not a private server situation. Could you please let your players know about our XP dates and most who...

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