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Re: Dhiothu weekend extravaganza

+1 This would definitely be fun. Let’s help those servers who haven’t gotten any weapons get some weapons. And with the BT and Dino mabon needs some ranger helms from BT so yeah let’s kick some BT/Dino butts + 1 for the combination. Would definitely get our whole server engaged and be action packed...

Re: Witch Dead

Sneakylistia wrote:At least four servers got drops including mine donn. But will be,interested to hear from vr on this as it also seems,that everyone got the same drops

Have only heard of 4 drops to Donn, which other servers?

Re: It’s about time

The drop rates of good items are really tiresome. Maybe one in every 5 mordys you will get something someone actually wants to use. One in 10 necros and don’t even start me on hrung. You wait for weeks for a skull drop and it’s a sacrifice one most of the time. Just annoys people wasting lix and ti...

Re: EDL boss timers

-1 Edl isn't very hard to get as is and Its best armor besides dg well depending on use it can be better than dg so i think it should stay as is Yup, edl armor so easy to get that you can get it solo if you multilog, weapons on the other hand are imo in a good spot considering they are one of the b...

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