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Re: Santa hats!

I have so many santa hats of different colors shapes and sizes it's boring me to death. I'd prefer some variety instead of bringing back the same old same old every year.

Re: Fundraiser for Lazydrunk

Yeah he is in a better place now. Check out the update on the gofundme account, it's probably the realest unfathomable I have ever read. Blow's family can still use all the support possible guys, thank you all who have donated. It's nice to see such a tight knit family over a simple mmo game. Much l...

Re: Resurgens

Armo wrote: Yet we don't grief rivals hmm.

Nor do we. But grief, and be griefed, ks and be ksed, you get what you give, you reap what you sow, etc. Just be sure you can do it better or the bullied might become the executioners.

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