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Re: XP Curve

Exevol wrote:Please also be sure to look at the XP curve at level 115-125. It feels like it exponentially spikes right there!

I have noticed this as well. That's when the game just becomes an endless grind

Re: How does OTM decide what game changes are a priority

I'm appalled at the fact that OTM has prioritized Heroes Landing over class balance. Why would someone create an entire new area that a player will spend 60 seconds in when skills like rescue exist. Rescue is simply one of many examples of the awful skills in the game that either need to be removed ...

Fire, cold, or magic

At level 150-180, what is the best type of dmg? Currently I have a 150 cold quiver, 70 heat ammy, 2 cold rings, a fire ring and a magic ring. At 150 I plan on getting a new quiver and I am debating on getting the dmg helm. Is it worth it?

Re: Duel suggest

Fatty. Anyway, Kendril has proved to ppl shes a great pvp ranger, and druid simply destroys warrior in pvp. Kinda sick of these pvp posts saying 'warriors too OP' because ppl dont know how to do pvp. Druids have a lot of potential, but ONLY if they have a specific build for each class. Not much peo...

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