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Re: stinging storm

I've maxed out strike and nature's touch... so now I think howling wind or strangling vines next.. Swarm is nice if you can support the energy cost, to boost your damage I also reccomend maxing vines and strike but try get a hold on rings to increase it further Yeah so I am a huge idiot lol I bought...

Re: stinging storm

If I ever find the manuscript pages then I will have storm touch... Unfortunately I am having quite a lot of trouble with that lol. On the quest it says that they are found on the higher level druids, imps, etc in stonevale, but I haven't found a single one despite killing plenty of higher level mob...

Re: Who is excited for gardens?

I can't wait to check it out... once I level up that is lol. I just keep getting completely pummeled on the bridge there xD I'm going to assume your signature is still valid, and you play on Crom. Feel free to add me if you need help. I will! Is your characters name the same as your username on here?

stinging storm

Do you use it? I had it leveled up a bit for a while, but since then I used a book of rebirth and took all the points away from it and into nature's touch/lightening strike (which thus far, I have found to be more useful). I did this at the advice of someone else. So, I am a solo player. And I am ha...

Re: Enrgy harvest

energy harvest is a great idea.. in theory.. but it gives you such a puny amount of energy that it's useless. except, I suppose, as a last resort if you were out of energy and items that give you energy and needed to use one last skill

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