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Re: Bloodthorn bash

i love the idea of this event, but please remove the need for pots. That's just way too many pots needed for a weekend. Also chances are most clans will try and kill it in their non regular raid times and possibly wipe, and waste so many pots.

Re: The Dino raid.

- 1 orb until rage, 2 after rage - Always same orb spawn point but different paths - Decrease negative energy timer 20 > 10 - Decrease negative energy hits 3x > 2x, 1x - Decrease hit power of 4* adds - Increase TP limit to 30 or 35 - Fix invisible orbs - Prevent griefers abusing TP limit - Make bos...

Re: Dragon Pet

https://i.postimg.cc/jjym2Dzy/F92-D4335-76-A8-4516-80-B1-9-E722-F659700.png I just found this statement. So VR considers it abuse when players are asking to be able to sell their premium pet, like the mounts and regular pets? Players only ask support to do this, because there is no feature in the g...

Re: The Dino raid.

I would love it if the boss was fixed .-. there's invisible orbs going around hitting people. sometimes orbs are meters away and it somehow hits you.....then theres the lvl 1 people trying to watch your raid.....and they count towards the cap, and its an easy grief......first the mechanics of the bo...

Re: New event

I'm talking behalf of the celtic heroes community... we are only looking forward to this ONLY for the 2 resets lol... mords been killed how many million times already and like 20 more times per server in 5 days...isnt much of a plus. AND WHY IS AGGY EVEN A THING[ :roll: .... events are fun and all, ...

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