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For those new to the server please be informed that we use a third-party application called "Band" on Balor. If you wish to join that Community please follow the link below. (If an admin could then this I would be very appreciative) Hey, join our '[Balor] AuctionHouse' group on BAND - The ...

Re: Seedling

Yes I'm very clear on the fact that it boosts the damage of people around me. That isn't my question but it is the entire premise of my question. What I'm asking is why does a level 1 poison pet increase the damage of all those around me by 6 points when my ability is level one and when my ability r...

Re: Seedling

I see no evidence of that. At any ability level (so far) the pet seems to increase the other person's DMG by the amount in the tool tip. Same thing for my own damage (I think. It's harder to calculate on yourself because the stats the pet grants play against the damage bonus so it's tricky.)

Re: Seedling

@VR So in practical terms, are you saying that my lvl 2 seedling that says at lvl 2 "grants 6-12" damage will grant more then 12 damage if my ability is 1000 vs if my ability is 100? Currently in testing it with a friend we noticed that even at 100 ability score his pet adds 20 damage to m...


@VR Could you kindly explain what's the purpose of the taming ability is for seedling? The tooltip says that it improves the ability but after thorough testing my level 1 seedling gives 6 dmg at ability level one and it also does the same thing at ability level 200.... Before I continue to waste any...

Re: Pre-Release Discussion

Global Castle is a complete mess. I hate to sound negative but without cross server trading the experience is completely pointless. Please get these "other" people out of my castle. They take up space and keep spamming stuff they are buying/selling and it makes the experience worthless sin...

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