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Re: PVP heal ranger

Sry im use google translate
Just in the game a ranger use for exemple 100 energie for light heal(300) out PVP.
And im battle in PVP im use 100 energie for light heal -50%(150) .
im french sry for my bad english

ant ranger 133 Herne

create armory ?

I wanted to ask if it would be possible to create an armory for storing armor?
For the bank, I have already the warden, the onyx, and spiritshadow. And as a compleat armor takes 5 place I thought they could be stored in an armory?

sry im use traduction google.

Seeking clan.

seeking clan. I am looking for a clan that would accept me. I'm level 126 and I have gloves, and hood botes frozen. I help the clan and I am faithful to clan I would like my help in frozen armor (if possible before the update because I have been waiting for three months without having this armor) he...

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