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Transfer from Sulis to Epona

Hey guys, im looking to transfer to epona. I got around 250 combos. 470xp lix, various other lixes. lvl 200 offhand haste dag. A comrak bloodthorn set. Various jewlery set for a lvl 200+ rogue. Very rare fash like a black lugh and a flaming skeleton warrior charm. other rare fash too. WIll trade for...

Re: Favourite CH Memories?

Playing back when dustwither was endgame location. There was always 3 people in the aviator of donns room. We should share the mobs to level. 1 gets the left mob 1 gets the right and another the middle. We would just camp there and kill on spawn to level. Very fun even tho it was time taking. Being ...

Re: Reaching out for Help.

I was not begging. I'm sorry if it came off that way. I was just saying if people had items that are useless to them and just sit in their inventory, they could give/or sell cheap to me so I may resell to make my life a little easier. Didn't mean to offend anyone by asking. Sorry.

Re: Reaching out for Help.

TheCrusher wrote:I have been playing the game for about 6 years. I have heard this same story 10 million times. Come on dude. Play on the server make friends join a clan and you will get helped. Don't go begging on forums.

There's nothing wrong with asking for help man.

Reaching out for Help.

Hello people of epona, and browser of the forums. I am here to ask for help, at a low point in my CH life. I am from the server fingal. About 2 months ago I got scammed by who I thought was my best friend in game of all my items. Knew him for a long time, and he asked to use my gear to level while I...

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