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Re: Intro

Hello new to this game I'm level 10 warrior on rosemerta all tips gladly appreciated my in-game name is LandryDuLauzon Hello, there! Welcome to the game and the forums! I hope you have a good time here. Feel free to post any questions you might have in the appropriate subforum. Plenty of experience...

Re: Dreaming in CH lol

Yes, I’ve dreamt about games before, not CH specifically though. In fact just last night I was dreaming about Destiny xD Was kinda weird because I was wearing armor that I had wayyy before the Rise of Iron dlc in Destiny 1, and in the dream I was in the Destiny 2 social hub. Plus there was some guy ...

Re: War!

Romeo wrote:
Angmar Reid wrote:
Romeo wrote:That'd be so sick if we could sneak into another server to raid your castle for gold

That would be pretty interesting, and potentially fun lol.

Right! Only if nothing gets lost on the server your raiding, I mean I'd be pretty bummed if my own gold went missing

Exactly what I was thinking.

Re: Add the missing dragon

Does this mean dino isn't a dragon? :( How would you feel if someone told you you weren't human. >.< I’d have to tell the truth and admit that I’m actually an elf. Well no Geneva Convention rules apply to u then ._. May the torturing commence! Discrimination! Save the heat for the dragons. We have ...

Re: Art Competition?

Mind wrote:What'd the second place prize be? (no point in competing for the top lol).
And I think something like this would be fun (if only I had the time...).

I’ll draw a wee something for ye ta enter... :? Shh!

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