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Winter Drawing Requests

Hey guys! I really enjoyed taking drawing requests last time, so I wanted to say that I will be taking more requests! This time, though, since I figured out how to draw snow, I would love some winter-themed requests! I take requests completely free, so no payment is required. If you have a request, ...

Re: Coolest name ideas?

My PvP ice mage: IcyDeadPeople Sockthief is by far the best name, And anyone who says different is going to be missing some socks soon. :lol: Awesome you both. I’ve seen you, Sockthief, a few times on Danu. I always laugh when I see that name. “Trolls are real! They steal your socks... but only the...

Re: Coolest name ideas?

Some ideas I’ve had are AndAllThatJazz (an inside joke me and my family have) Archangel (prob would be a mage with wings lol) Highland Lassie RageQuit Justmyluck Pickpocketses (spelled as Sméagol would say it :D) ieatChicken LuckyShamrock I had other ideas but I can’t remember them :lol: Hopefully o...

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