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A Big Thanks

After doing gelebron no problems, our server Fingal decided to do the big plant. What a mistake that was.. who woulda thought though. So after getting 71 people to log for this plant (Was posed to be our fastest kill ever). As soon as the root was pulled massive lag strikes 98+% of the players and w...

"New Unique Weapons"

Not that I can play to get any or run around with out lag, but anyone get any yet? Where do they come from? A boss? If so where do I look? Maybe I missed where this was said, I couldn't sort through all the complaints to find info on them Assuming this isn't some rare spawn that has a 6 month window...

Re: Lag and horrible experience

GiVe tHeM a cHaNcE tO dO ThiNgS bEfOre yOu jUmp oN tHe HaTer bAndWaGoN Hahahahahahaha yah ok, time to be real about it. Looks like trying to capitalize on chest sales this holiday season with a speedy release wasn't the best plan. Can't blame this one on the user or their phone, if it worked before ...

Re: Game crashes

S7 here, way too laggy to play or even enjoy logging, lag is worse at bosses but still have lag the entire time, the items in the auction house that are new have no names, theyre just blank, my friend Dark Heroine of fingal has no mobs or any characters in game so she can't do anything. Too many pro...

Re: Carrow Carnage

KnowItAll wrote:I personally think they will steer away from Carrow carnage. But last legacy event I maybe slept 6 hours. I think.. only saw 1 gara, 1 skain. They could of done a little bit better job. With spawn rates (4-8 hours).

Yeah probably will steer away, it was too much fun

Re: Spies

Talked to the opposing clan leaders and they didn't even know what you were talking about, as I suspected. Stop crying and move on

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