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Re: Witch Dead

It's a beta test, not a fully designed encounter. That's the problem. False stop misleading people, beta test don’t happen in live game And can see players from donn complaining about removing drops but if it was any other server who got it they would have done the same. We appreciate the feedback ...

Re: Bloodthorn bash

Keep pots and don't buff vines...do buff bt drops! We're flush on royal ammies and misc. Ability rings and helms would be a big driving force to get people interested. There's a huge gold/plat dump for every bt raid with all the lix, resto etc required. It sucks to see 40+ toons invest so much for g...

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

Once upon a time I played another MMORPG called Parallel Kingdoms. If I could bring one thing forward to CH, it would be 'gear memory scrolls'. They could be set to remember equipment or jewelery or both. I think every CH player would rejoice at bring able to change armor/jewels/(fash?) With the pr...

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