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Re: Bloodthorn bash

Keep pots and don't buff vines...do buff bt drops! We're flush on royal ammies and misc. Ability rings and helms would be a big driving force to get people interested. There's a huge gold/plat dump for every bt raid with all the lix, resto etc required. It sucks to see 40+ toons invest so much for g...

Re: Quality of Life Improvements

Once upon a time I played another MMORPG called Parallel Kingdoms. If I could bring one thing forward to CH, it would be 'gear memory scrolls'. They could be set to remember equipment or jewelery or both. I think every CH player would rejoice at bring able to change armor/jewels/(fash?) With the pr...

Re: Global Tavern

Tax won't matter to scammers and people that run off with clan owned gear. It's free $ for them There's no such thing as clan owned gear. That's just dom clan logic and lip service members give amd don't actually believe. Y'know aside from a few die hards. Distribution establishes ownership. Otherw...

Re: Global Tavern

That's purely speculative. I know from experience from the Dom server I play on that Dom players never buy gear with gold. Why would they when they can do so using their attendance? On servers where the majority of people are in a Dom clan, most would not buy gear from the market. It just doesn't m...

Re: Global Tavern

How are we supposed to cook if we get booted and can't log back in? That's what's happening to others so i won't even attempt it even though i need to refill my stash of food stuffs.

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