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Re: New CG Offhand

Pummel is far better option than shatter, so according to me both CG offhand and Dg aura need pummel replacement from giant swing. For CG offhand skill i think of think possible options 1- make it instant cast with 1.5x damage from now. 2- same cast time but with 2.5x damage 3- change it completely ...

Re: What would you do?

i personally am not in favor of giving any advantage to comp clan as they never gave us any. when we started in sulis we were weak, we worked and slowly grew. there were 3 clans competing for boss back then including ours, they all had a pact so none grief each other not because they wanted to help ...

Re: New Recipes Coming Soon?

Angmar Reid wrote:
LadyNymeria wrote:Give us the ability to cook our own pet food!

Yusssss please! +1

since the ingredients might make it same cost or more as of what it is in the shop, make it that self made pet food have some extra bonus which is specific to the pet type.

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