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Re: Crazy rogue stats

Toothpick wrote:

So far, still need a few pieces of gear and better food

My mind and everything I thought i knew about rogues just broke.

Edit: thats over 5k total attribute points

Re: Sorry but this is trash I think all tanks and rangers should be reimbursed for lixes while at gele during crash

Vr saying there will be server maintenance then people complaining lixes wasted when attempting gele.....you could just waited for server to reset? Not maintenance, its around 4 am there and all scheduled maintenance has a message before the servers shut down. Also the maintenance you are referring...

Re: Double Bounty Weekend??

Full Disclosure: The original plans for the 7th Anniversary were planned for one week. With the recent changes, we wanted to add more to these. For this weekend, we needed something that didn't need an update and was beyond easy to implement to get it the celebration kicked off. We wanted to do dou...

Re: "Admin"

Serethem wrote:Admin is Richard I believe aka the founder of ch if I recall. He hasn't been active on forums in a while but used to be very active way back in the day.

Sere! Come back to herne! Pm me on band. @tacos

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