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Mage Battle Mount

I am stuck between the Elk Mount and the Bear Mount.

What is getting me is the Focus/Vitality on the Elk and the Vitality/Skill on the Bear.

Any opinions would be helpful.


Re: Clan War Servers

Belenus is good for this except arena, not sure what goes on in elementals but ronin/Undivided has a fair system that you can gain items if you’re active and boss a lot. Armour like dl/frozen is easy to obtain g you’re active and we take bosses for them always so unless theres a slight bump where m...

Re: When to Frenzy?

so that answers one of my questions, but not the other. I heard Frenzy is weak early so at what point do i swap over to it? 20/20? 25/25? 30/30?

When to Frenzy?

So I have tried to look it up on the forums but I have not seen a definitive answer. At what point is it worth it to swap Protective Stance for Frenzy, 20/20? 25/25? 30/30?. Type of weapon to use?


Re: 3 questions

I think he means for example, you have 30 piercing damage how much would it be in poison damage to equal out

Re: Clan War Servers

You have: Arawn: 1 clan Belenus: 2 clan Crom: 1 clan Danu: 2 clan Epona: No server competition Gwydion: No clue Herne: No clue Lugh: 1 clan Mabon: 1 clan Morrigan: 1 clan Rhiannon: 2 clan (I think) Rosmerta: 1 clan Sulis: No clue, but sounds like a grief-fest if you're into that. Taranis: 2 clan (I...

Clan War Servers

So I have been giving this some thought and I figured that for my needs at the end of the game I need competition whether its good or bad. So i guess what I am asking is which servers are the ones with Clan Wars and have... 1) Competitive lock battles 2) There are no unfair RNG Rolls where getting a...

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