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Re: Witch Dead

Dreadfort wrote:It’s a waste of time and resources for the people who lixed and spent over an hour in there with no reward at all when it goes to only 1 person

Horribly designed raid (big surprise) just like that previous blue dragon

Re: Dead servers

I am burnt out and can confirm it ISN'T from Dhio, why are you trying to explain my own mental state? I think I know it. You don't. If anything Dhio is the only boss on the server I dont't get burnt out from because I can single log it. I was lead to believe that because your server seemed to go do...

Re: Changes - Bloodthorn loot

I just noticed something from the original post. "One of Bloodthorns loot slots will now drop a guaranteed Imperial tier or higher item (this could be a ring, charm or necklace.) " I notice no mention of helm, does that mean this slot is guaranteed to not drop a helm and effectively reduci...

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