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Re: Hi everyone!

Welcome to the forum I also started around month ago and got stuck on the save the dog quest in hollow I couldn't find him :p and the king I was how to find him, then I learn after kill monster they spawn random star/lvl type. Have a great journey Pixie.

Re: Solo Levelling

Depend on you gear spell items usage,
Fire mage with extra points in e shield and combo exlier or energy/exp/health exiled with few restore potion should be fine if you opponent are 2-3 level higher then you. How you are leveling ? Which build and gear.

Re: Reaching out for Help.

From my side No, I started epona 5 days ago I reached 500k worth of items and exlier in those five days, begging won't help just kill farm or fish farm rather then asking for help. Help yourself people will see your doing great and eventually you will make new friends that can help you. Top 3 clan a...

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