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Re: Best Pickup Lines -

As requested xD these are the winner's pickup lines 1)Bright light: 'I heard you like vaping, cuz I'd love to smoke from your vape tank' 2) Rorona Zoro: 'You go to the grocery store and as you normally do to get groceries You suddenly see me standing in a isle holding a lot of limes You think “why i...

Re: Best Pickup Lines -

**COMPETITION HAS ENDED** Pretty much 10 days late :D Sorry, had things to do. But ayy we have winners x,D. 1st Place Brightlight [300k // 20 Hastes // 10 combos] 2nd Place Rorona Zoro [100k // 10 hastes // 5 combos] 3rd Place Exuberant [50k // 5 hastes// 2 combos // 5 super knows] Worst pickup lin...

Re: Best Pickup Lines -

GodKaram wrote:Your curves have stronger attraction than curvatures in spacetime.

P.S. - when do i talk rubbish on discord bish ;-; you just jealous because am the best dps ever.


Best Pickup Lines -

Mini Game :D Prizes up for grabs :P! 1st place:- 300k // 20 Hastes // 10 combos 2nd place: 100k // 10 hastes // 5 combos 3rd place: 50k // 5 hastes// 2 combos // 5 super knows. (NB: if there are less players for the event ill just do top 2 or even just 1st place) All you gotta do is send your best p...


A moment of silence, to our brothers and sisters who have fallen from nuada due to not being as good as a DPS as I am. They will be missed for putting in efforts to be a pro DPS like me, alas I'm vain as it didn't take them too long to realize I'm a whole different higher league than them.

Y'all suck

Re: Major issue *read nuadans*

Robert wrote:
Spilt wrote:I already have someone as my apprentice


I think we can all agree king does a better job at healing with Lev 1 bandage wounds than DPS. :0 *

Also naw I got better taste in apprentices :/ it's someone

[*an enemy has been made today]

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