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Re: New event

Yea as much as I like events in general, I think we’d all rather an event like the one last year with eg spawns at every 6 hrs and prot every 4. But hey, I’m not complaining, blasting away dragons is my favorite pass time xD

Re: Against the dominance

I’ll only speak for my clan of underdogs. We simply don’t give up. We keep pushing, against odds that become less and less in our favor every single day. My clan has fought for years, it’s leaders know nothing else. My fellow clansman, they know nothing else. We log for every unox due and we try to ...

Re: A Beast Awakens

On another note, will the update fix certain visual glitches that either were missed/not fixed after the last release? Hopefully including the "Pit of the Abyss" that appears on the stairs leading to the Proteus room in Arcane. I am most positive that has been fixed in the latest update. ...

Re: Bodies

On the topic of big bellied tanks, I automatically assume that tank mains are on the chubby side irl lmao. But yea, a more customizable character creater tool would def be cool and fun to play with. Although I’d prob just spend like 2 hours making the “perfect” looking toon .-.

Re: Xp event extension

+1 because xp events are super fun and it would be a nice way to head into the weekend. But I don't think VR owes us an extension because this was "extra" to begin with. The return of double plat is what was owed to us, anything more is extra, welcome, but extra. I'd be up for reset tomorr...

Unable to load my characters

After this reset I still had the invisible mobs and NPCs issue. So I decided to once again clear cache, data, uninstall app, power down device, re install the app. Only now when I put in my account info the game doesn't load my characters, just takes me to the character selection screen as if I'm tr...

Re: Chest pets

I don't think anyone knows. That's probably in the works right now for some future update. There was mention of it I think in a post awhile back detailing what content we'd see once the unity engine was updated. I'm more hopeful for new fash via the fash tokens lol.

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