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Re: Future Updates

Ventius wrote:
frumentarii wrote:Definitely getting better, I think we only had 2 more completely quit the game this week on our server.

Always so much negativity coming from gwyd on the forums nowadays


Out 1.5m gold

It’s not the absolute end of the world, but a bug from the AH has me out 1.5m.

I submitted a ticket 4-5 days ago. Any chance someone can take a look under the hood?

All Servers Limited in Function

Update: Before everyone goes for the pitchforks, check the news. Thailand got hit hard. Hope everyone on the VR team and their families are okay. Lots and lots of flooding. https://www.redcross.org/about-us/news-and-events/news/2019/thai-red-cross-takes-action-as-tropical-storm-pabuk-strikes.html ht...

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